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Sahara II Bermuda Carpet Grass Seeds (500g)

Bermuda Grass Seeds. Built to stand up to scorching heat and drought, Seeds up to 1,500sqft (140m²)



Sahara II Bermuda Carpet Grass Seeds type of grass, also known as couch grass and dark green, is usually Bermuda grass’s colour. Rhizomes and stolons spread it. Bermuda grass can develop in extreme climate conditions thanks to its extensive root system.

Bermuda grass usually turns brown during dry weather, but after heavy rain, it recovers quickly. One of the main features of this grass is that it grows best in hot, sunny, or adverse conditions. It extends from sandy to clay soil with low-cost maintenance.

This warm-season lawn has an aggressive growth rate, so it can be challenging to contain, but it allows the turf to endure heavy use. That’s why it is the number one option for home lawns, golf courses, sports fields, parks, coastal areas, and pastures.

  • Application or Use: Lawn, Turf, Golf Course, Athletic Fields, Parks
  • Germination Time: 7 – 14, days, under optimal conditions
  • Growing Locations: Warm Season & Transition Zone
  • Height: 0.5 – 1.5 inches
  • Sunlight Requirements: 8+ hours, full sun for best results
  • Advantages: Reduced vertical growth and short internodes that offer higher density and overall turf look.

Product Detail

  • Excellent spring green-up and dead spot resistance
  • Short intermodes for higher density
  • Outstanding drought tolerance
  • Reduced vertical growth
  • Increase fall color retention, dark green color
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