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Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Temperature and Humidity Monitors are invaluable tools for maintaining optimal environmental conditions in various applications, including incubators, climate-controlled rooms, storage facilities, and agricultural settings. Regular calibration, proper placement, and regular maintenance are essential for ensuring accurate and reliable measurements.

A quality LCD temperature and humidity meter with a full range of functions and class-leading accuracy.



A Temperature and Humidity Monitor, also known as a hygrometer or Thermo-hygrometer, is a device used to measure and display the temperature and humidity levels in an environment. These monitors are essential tools in various settings, including homes, greenhouses, laboratories, and incubators for hatching eggs.

Temperature and Humidity Monitor can measure -10℃~50℃ temperature in 0.1℃ resolution. With the large LCD screen and user-friendly operating interface, users can easily check real-time indoor temperature and humidity, by mounting it on the wall or placing it on a table. Only one 1.5V battery is needed to power it.

 Temperature Humidity Meter & Monitor Features:

  • Temperature, humidity, date, and time displayed together
  • Humidity measurement range: 10~99%RH, ±5%RH accuracy
  • Temperature measurement range: -10~50℃, ±1℃ accuracy
  • Sampling time: 10s
  • Clock function, 12/24 hour modes
  • Hourly chime function with an icon displaying
  • Alarm clock function rings up to 60s
  • ℃/℉ Selectable
  • CE certification
  • Applications include Labs, offices, hotels, schools, factories, meeting rooms, airports, pharmacies, warehouses, restaurants, greenhouses, nursery, gardens, homes, shopping malls, museums, animal husbandry, and more
  • 12-month warranty.
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