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Large White Piglet (Pure-Line Foreign Breed | Weaner)

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As the name suggests, this is a big animal. It is lean and active, can adapt to most climates, and has a long, useful life in the breeding pen. The Large White produces good quality bacon and pork, and its ability to cross with, and improves another breed has also made it popular




The Large White Piglet is widely used in outdoor systems and is hardy enough to cope with most conditions. Decades of performance recording and rigorous selection have made the Large White more prolific than most rare breeds. The average litter size is around 11-12 piglets/litter. Sows are milky and make for good mothers.

The breed is known for having an excellent F.C.R. (feed conversion ratio) and pigs are capable of achieving high D.L.W.G. (daily live weight gain). The breed is ideally suited to an intensive system and the high levels of management and data recording in such a system can bring out the best in the breed.

  • The Large White Piglet is a large, lean white breed.
  • Sows weight around 260-300 kg and boars, 350-380 kg.
  • Animals have distinctive prick ears.
  • Pigs should have excellent conformation with good hams.


The Large White/Landrace cross is now a very popular sow for both intensive and extensive systems and several modern composite sire and dam lines contain some Large White blood.The Large White can be used in a crossbreeding program in a variety of ways:

  • Terminal sire on rare breeds- Produces a lean, fast growing pig more suited to the commercial market.
  • Maternal sire on Landrace/rare breeds- The Large White adds prolificacy, leanness and conformation to a maternal breeding program.
  • Commercial sire line- There are strains of Large White that have been specifically bred and selected to be terminal sires for intensive systems.
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