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Gas Scalding Machine (for boiling water)

This machine provides farmers and vendors with a mix of quality and time-saving options for poultry processing.

It’s a suggested piece of equipment/step for processing birds before transferring them to an automated de-feathering system. The following are the general steps for recommended poultry processing.



Hot water Gas Scalding Machine is an important piece of equipment in poultry slaughterhouse operations. It heats water & maintains it at a suitable temperature continuously so that the Poultry Feathers are softened and removed during Plucking operations without damaging the skin.
It is Robust but portable an excellent locally fabricated gas scalding machine. Scalders are supplied in different sizes as per processing needs. Our Scalders are provided with the following standard fittings:

A Gas burner
A separate Gas Geyser for Hot water Intake during continuous Scalding.
SS Flap for arresting Burner flame
Separate Cover Box to prevent water spillage on the gas burner.

The Machine can be heated by propane or brush and gas in standby mode.

Weight 215 kg

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