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2640 Egg Capacity Automatic Incubator Low Power Consumption 240V

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Advantages compared with the old incubator:

1.This is an updated version of the incubator, there are two functions of the incubator: hatcher,  brooder. So you don’t need an additional hatcher.

2. Space increased, this is good for the airflow in the equipment, make the temperature more uniform,  enhance the hatching rate.

3.Because of the hatching basket protection, the machine avoids the death of a newborn chick when it falls off the egg tray and cannot be taken out in time.

4.The chicks can stay in the machine for a long time, so the chicks will be more healthy and increase the survival rate.



2640 Egg Capacity Automatic Incubator Low Power Consumption 240V Characteristics

1. Material: It has an elegant appearance.

1)Exterior structure in colorful steel plate;

2) The edge is covered by aluminum alloy.

2. Fully automatic controlled by micro-computer and easy to operate.

3. Reliable control of temperature and humidity.

4. Scientific circulatory ventilation system.

5. Dual-purpose equipment of hatching and keep growing.

2640 Egg Capacity Automatic Incubator Low Power Consumption 240V Product Details

Poultry Name

Egg Capacity (PCS)

Chicken(Pigeon) egg


Duck (Peacock) egg


Goose( Wild goose) egg


Quail egg




Model Number






Temperature control accuracy


Moisture control accuracy


Hatching rate high

h more than 98%



Delivery time within

n 3 days place

e of Origin

Shandong, China (Mainland)


10 – 12 Years


3 years


Wooden case with high quality


   The ZH-2640 incubator is mainly used to incubate chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, pheasant eggs, guinea fowl eggs, and parrot eggs. Other egg types can also be hatched in this incubator. Separate trays for quail and geese eggs can be provided.

   The ZH-2640 incubator is a very popular breeder that would like to incubate eggs on a medium to large scale. This incubator is fully automatic. Eggs are turned automatically by the incubator, and the incubation temperature and humidity are electronically regulated.

  • Fully automatic egg turning system – Eggs are turned full automatically via the turner motor system,  eggs need not be turned by hand. Egg rotation can be set to different time intervals.
  • Electronic thermostat– Extremely accurate incubation temperature control
  • Turbo-fan for constant air circulation – Ensures optimum airflow over eggs inside the incubator. No more uneven heating of eggs or so-called “hot spots”
  • Incubator controls its humidity – simply add water and calibrate
  • Heat is provided by an industrial spec element
  • Wet and Dry bulb Hygrometer and Thermometer – constantly monitor the incubation temperature from the outside of the incubator
  • Observation window – Observe how the eggs hatch inside the incubator
  • Full incubation instructions – Become an expert from day one. Simply follow the easy steps and achieve great incubation results.
  • The incubator is compact, easy to operate and robust
  • The incubator is made from A-grade, industrial-grade water-proof Fiberglass with an insulated filling -Will did not delaminate due to moisture like other incubators.
  • Excellent insulation properties, low on electricity. The door seals tightly to prevent moisture and heat from unnecessarily escaping.
  • Easy to disinfect and clean – The incubator can be rinsed out. This ensures that the incubator remains hygienic thereby achieving better incubation results.

Main Technical Parameters of Poultry Incubator Hatcher

1. Range of temperature display: 5~50°C
2. Precision of Temperature control: ±0.1°C
3. Range of humidity display: 0—99%RH
4. Precision of humidity display: 1%RH
5. QTY of output circuit: 7 (overheat, heat control, low temperature, egg turning in left & right direction, humidity control, alarm)
6. output current: heat control, low temperature in 10A, others in 1A
7. Times of egg turning: Max record is 999 times.
8. Period of egg turning: adjustable between 0.1 and 99.9 hours (Fixed in 1.5 hours when delivery)
9. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 1 and 255 seconds (fixed in 180 seconds when delivery)
10. Period of ventilation: adjustable between 5 and 999 minutes (Fixed in zero when delivery, no ventilation)
11. Time of ventilation: adjustable between 0 and 999 seconds (Fixed 30 seconds when delivery)
12. Length of measuring line: around 1.5meters

Using Your Egg Incubator

1. Put water into the tray before use, the water level must be higher than the heater

2. Put the eggs on the egg tray

3. Plug-in power

4.Temperature and humidity setting Chicken eggs need 21days, first 18days Temperature is 38°C and Humidity is 60RH; the last 3days the temperature is the same and the humidity is 70RH

5. Factory setting: Reference temperature & humidity: 38°C& 60%RH

The cycle of Egg-turning: 90-minute

Time of Egg-turning: 180 seconds

Ventilation cycle: 120 minutes

Ventilation time: 30 seconds


Weight400 kg

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