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Chicken Transport Crate (Large Size)

  • The live bird transport crate is meant for the transportation of birds. its special rigid design and top wide door help in easy loading of birds. no leg and beak injuries, excellent ventilation, hygienic-easy to clean by water or steam. minimum bird weight shrinkage in transportation,  firmly stackable. High stability and secure stacking and locking, simple push-fit self-locking assembly, perforated floor. bird capacity approximately 30 -32 kgs.


Usage/Application Birds Transport box
Capacity 20 -25 birds
Colour Blue
Shape Rectangular
Equipment Use Handling and Transport
Food Type Transport box
Style Mesh
Usage Trans[port box
Animal Breed Birds
Material Plastic
Size 910mm x 556mm
Thickness 5 to 14 mm

Key features of Chicken Transport Crate (Large Size):

  1. Size: Large-size crates are spacious enough to accommodate a significant number of chickens comfortably. They come in various dimensions to suit different flock sizes and transportation needs.
  2. Durability: These crates are constructed from sturdy materials to withstand the rigors of transportation, including handling, stacking, and movement.
  3. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial to ensure the chickens have access to fresh air throughout the journey. Transport crates typically feature ventilation holes or slats to promote airflow while preventing overcrowding.
  4. Safety: The design of the crate ensures that chickens are securely contained to prevent injury or escape during transportation. Secure locking mechanisms or latches are often included to keep the crate sealed.
  5. Easy Cleaning: Large-size crates are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation between uses to maintain optimal hygiene standards and minimize the risk of disease transmission.
  6. Stackability: Many transport crates are designed to stack securely on top of each other, allowing for efficient storage and transportation when empty.
  Benefits of the Chicken Transport Crate (Large Size):
  1. Slide-snap-lock access design door. Top access door slides and latches easily.
  2. Crates  can be comfortably stacked on each other
  3. High capacity handling and flexible transport of poultry to battery cages, markets etc.
  4. After transport, birds can be manually removed via access doors. The crates can be washed and disinfected for another transport cycle.
  5. Its design allows more air to circulate, thus reducing stress-related damage to the birds.
  6. Special perforations at the base help prevent foot injuries during transport.
  7. The crate system offers complete handling solutions designed for efficiency, economy, and productivity.


Weight 8 kg

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