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Hatching Basket (Dozen)

A hatching basket dozen typically refers to a set of 12 eggs specifically intended for hatching. These eggs are usually selected for their fertility and suitability for incubation to hatch healthy chicks. Hatching baskets are commonly used in poultry farming and breeding to facilitate the hatching process in a controlled environment. The dozen quantity ensures a sufficient number of eggs for a successful hatching cycle, allowing for a higher chance of obtaining desired results. Each egg in the hatching basket dozen is carefully chosen to maximize the chances of successful hatching and ensure the production of healthy offspring.

Main features and benefits:

  1. Easy to handle, stack, clean, and disinfect.
  2. Optimum airflow through maximum side openings.
  3. Designed for automatic stacking and re-stacking.
  4. Suitable for industrial washing machines.
  5. Space for an identification card.



A hatching basket is a specialized tool used in poultry farming for hatching eggs in an incubator.

The Hatching Basket (Dozen) is Designed specifically to optimize hatch-ability and uniformity, by delivering a constant airflow over the eggs in the hatchery to improve the transfer of heat from the hatching eggs to the air. With its unique design, the bottom of the basket also limits the risk of leg spreading for day-old chicks.

Egg Placement:

  • The basket features individual compartments or slots where eggs can be placed.
  • These compartments hold the eggs in a stable position, preventing them from rolling around during incubation.
  • The number of compartments in a hatching basket can vary depending on its size and capacity.


  • It is crucial for successful egg incubation. Hatching baskets are designed with openings or perforations to allow fresh air to circulate the eggs.
  • This helps to regulate humidity levels and ensure adequate oxygen supply to the developing embryos.

Humidity Control:

  • Maintaining optimal humidity levels is essential for egg hatchability.
  • Some hatching baskets may include features to facilitate humidity control, such as removable trays for adding water or humidity sensors to monitor moisture levels.

Temperature Regulation:

  • Temperature stability is critical for successful egg incubation.
  • Hatching baskets are typically placed inside an incubator, where the temperature is carefully controlled and maintained at the ideal level for embryo development.
  • The design of the hatching basket allows heat from the incubator to reach the eggs evenly.

Ease of Handling:

  • Hatching baskets are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for convenient placement and removal of eggs from the incubator.
  • They may feature handles or grips for easy lifting and transport.

Cleaning and Sanitization: Proper hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of disease and ensure the health of the developing embryos.

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