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Egg Setter Tray

Durable design holds 80 eggs. Setter tray can be washed due to the strong plastic design. Setter trays are preferred over pulp trays, as the temperature is more constant and the eggs do not have to be set twice.

  1. Designed to deliver airflow to every single egg
  2. Easy handling and perfect for automation
  3. More eggs per m2 than any other




Egg Setter Trays house more eggs per m2 than any other. The trays are very durable and easy to handle. The trays are available in different capacities that fit seamlessly with your desired setter capacity and needs.

In hatcheries, the setter tray is a piece of equipment that is constantly used by people and/or machines every day. The Egg Setter Trays make it possible to maximise performance all around: they have a very high egg/m2 capacity, handle very easily and are perfectly suited for high-speed automation. Most important of all, they are specially designed to deliver ideal airflow to every single egg.


High egg/m2 capacity, very easy to handle and perfectly suited for high-speed automation.

In order to achieve superior chick quality, it is necessary that the embryo temperature is kept at an optimum level. To achieve this, the flow and velocity of air around the eggs needs to be fully controlled. The Egg Setter Trays are specially designed to maximise the surface area of the egg that is exposed to the airflow.

Unlike other setter trays, the Egg Setter Trays have six support points instead of four. This gives better, more secure support to small eggs and helps prevent cracks in eggs of all sizes, especially when transporting eggs from the breeder farm to the hatchery.

The Egg Setter Trays house more eggs per m2 than any other. The trays are very durable and easy to handle. This is particularly beneficial to personnel in hatcheries that are manually or semi-automatically operated. Since the physical burden of handling the trays is lower, employees can work more quickly and logistics are improved.

Other user-friendly design elements include the lack of sharp edges which can hurt hands or damage eggs, and stacking ridges that make it easy to securely stack and store trays.

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