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3 Tier Local Battery Cage (96 Birds per Unit)

3 Tier Local Battery Cage (96 Birds per Unit)



A 3 Tier Local Battery Cage (96 Birds per Unit) refers to a type of housing system commonly used in poultry farming for housing laying hens. Here’s a breakdown of what each component of the term means:

  1. 3-tier: This indicates the vertical arrangement of the cages. In a 3-tier system, there are three levels of cages stacked on top of each other, with each tier housing a separate group of birds. This stacking maximizes the use of vertical space in the poultry house.
  2. Local: “Local” typically refers to a design that is adapted or commonly used within a specific region or country. These designs may vary in materials, dimensions, or specific features based on local farming practices, regulations, or preferences.
  3. Battery Cage: Battery cages are wire cages specifically designed for housing egg-laying hens in intensive egg production systems. Each cage typically houses multiple birds, providing limited space for movement and often including features such as feeders and nipple drinkers. The design aims to maximize egg production efficiency and facilitate waste management.

The Advantage of a 3 Tier Local Battery Cage (96 Birds per Unit), prefab steel structure poultry shed:
1. Weight is lighter
2. Working reliability is higher
3. Excellent anti-shock and anti-impact ability
4. High degree of industrialization
5. Can be assembled accurately and rapidly
6. Interior space is large
7. Easy to make seal structure
8. Recyclable
9. Construction period shorter

In a 3-tier local battery cage system, the cages are arranged in three tiers within a poultry house or facility. This setup allows for efficient use of space, easy management of the flock, and facilitates the collection of eggs and maintenance tasks. However, it’s important to note that battery cage systems have faced criticism from animal welfare advocates due to concerns about the limited space provided to the birds and their inability to engage in natural behaviors. As a result, alternative housing systems such as cage-free or enriched colony systems are gaining popularity in some regions, driven by consumer preferences and regulatory changes.

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