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East West Efia F1 Hot Pepper Seeds (5g)

The Efia F1 hybrid pepper is a high-nutrient plant with a pleasant fragrance and highly pungent with a strong aromatic taste.




East West Efia F1 Hot Pepper Seeds is a very productive habanero selection, also referred to as African pepper. It shows medium to strong vigor and medium late maturity. Fruits are of excellent quality, shiny, bright red, thin-skinned, almost blocky shaped, and have very strong pungent, and unique aroma.

  • Variety: Efia F1
  • Maturity: 100-150 days
  • Plant vigor: Medium to strong
  • Shape:  oblong
  • Immature colour: Green
  • Mature colour: Red
  • Wall thickness: Thin
  • Resistance: Tobacco and Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Tips for Germinating East West Efia F1 Hot Pepper Seeds

To get a head start on your hot pepper seed production, it’s useful to aid the germination process. By aiding hot pepper germination, you can increase the chances of a high yield. A few tips for hot pepper germination are:

  • Make custom soil with 1 part rotted manure & 1 part burnt rice husk or sand
  • Mix the soil and dampen with water and let substrate heat in the sun for 4 hours
  • Fill trays with soil and sow seeds 1.5cm deep
  • Do not soak your seeds if they are of high-quality


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