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Zeropest (Biological and Organic Insecticides | 1L)



Benefits and Features

For control of sucking insects like Thrips, Jassids, Aphids and Whiteflies, Flea beatles, Armoured Scales and other sucking insects.

Mode of Action

  • Karanja Oil is a famous natural Anti-feedent, growth regulator, and ovipositional repellent for insects, as a major active ingredient which make it a perfect alternative to chemical pesticides.
  • It exhibits various Behavioral Responses such as Antifeedant, Feeding Deterrent, Repellent, Oviposition Deterrent, etc., and Physiological Responses such as Insect Growth Regulator, Molting Inhibitor, Reproduction Inhibitor, Antifertility, etc.
  • It reduces the level of the insect hormone Ecdysome by disrupting the insect’s molting process so that the immature larvae cannot develop into
  • After treatment with neem-based pesticides, you may see insects with crippled, distorted wings. Or the immature larvae and nymphs remain in an immature stage and then die. Some soft-skinned insect larvae may be killed by direct contact with the spray.
  • Karanja seed kernel extract have been used by farmers in worldwide for centuries for protecting crops against pests.
  • Karanjin which is an ovipositional deterrent means Insects do not lay eggs on treated crops.
  • ZEROPEST GA TM is an insect growth regulator, malformed adults emerge which eventually suffer mortality without damaging the crop.
  • It is completely safe to non-target organisms like beneficial predators, honey bees, pollinators, birds, cattle, and human beings.
  • ZEROPEST GA TM is a perfect alternative to chemical pesticides

Composition of Active Ingredient
Karanja Oil – 80 %, Karanjin-0.1 % @2500 PPM, Solvent n Butanol- 15%, Emulsifier – 5%. Total-100%.

Target Crops

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