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Shoko Seeds (Lagos Spinach | Tin)

Shoko is a very tolerant plant that can survive in any type of soil composition be it sandy, clay, loamy. This plant is very known in tropical Africa and it has spread widely wherever human beings have gone in the tropics and subtropics.



Growing Stages Of Shoko Seeds Lagos Spinach. (Celosia argentea)

The early Shoko Seeds Lagos Spinach growth is very slow in the shoko vegetable plant. After a few weeks of sowing, the Shoko vegetable may outgrow some signs of flowering around 6-7 weeks of age but it may differ. We also have some improved varieties that grow very early and mature to flowering. The green form of green leaves can be harvested for consumption and eaten after cooking.

Fertilizer Application.

On a good day with very fertile soil there is no need for fertilizer use at all but when the need arises. You can use NPK 15:15:15 as a boost and also animal droppings like poultry droppings, cattle, sheep and goat dunk but the problem behind this is that the animal dunk does not activate itself very early but at a later stage. It will but for the good purpose of health, I recommend that you do not use any chemical fertilizer at all because it has a very bad effect on the vegetable stew after being cooked.

Disadvantages Of Using Chemical Fertilizers on Shoko Vegetable. (Celosia argentea)

  • Chemical fertilize discolored the face of the stew after been cooked.
  • It makes the vegetable leaves to grow more tender.
  • It reveals the green pigment of the leaves when been washed with salt.

Medicinal Health Benefits Of Shoko Vegetable Plant (Celosia argentea)

  • Shoko vegetable flowers and seeds are used in the treatment of bloody stool.
  • It can also be used as a treatment for haemorrhoid bleeding, uterine bleeding,** leucorrhoea**, dysentery and diarrhoea

Medicinal benefit of Shoko Seed (Celosia argentea)

  • The Shoko vegetable seed is hypotensive and ophthalmic
  • The seed is used in the treatment of diarrhoea, Bloodshot eyes,
    Blurring of vision,
  • The liquid substances extracted from the leaves and flowers of Shoko vegetable is used as a body wash for convalescents.
  • The leaves of Shoko vegetable are also used in the treatment of infected wounds, sores and skin rashes.
  • The whole shoko vegetable plant is also used as an antidote for snakebites.
  • The roots are used in the treatment of gonorrhoea and eczema.
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