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Twig Herbicide | 10g

Twig herbicide is a systemic herbicide that is effective in controlling annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds like soybean, cowpea and other legumes.



Twig herbicide is used for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in cowpea soybeans and other legumes. It can be applied either as a pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-emergence herbicide

Key Features:

Active Ingredient:

  • Imazethapyr 700g/kg WDG / Imazethapyr 10% SL
  • The active ingredient in Twig herbicide is Imazethapyr. Imazethapyr is a selective herbicide from the imidazolinone chemical family.
  • It is commonly used to control grass and broadleaf weeds in various crops such as soybeans, corn, rice, and other grain crops.

These active ingredients works by inhibiting the enzyme acetohydroxyacid synthase which is involved in the synthesis of branched-chain amino acids in plants. They are used on such crops as soybeans, corn, rice, and peanuts. Overall, the herbicides from this class when used at low levels are relatively safe for the environment and have been demonstrated to be relatively non-toxic to mammals

Dosage rate: Apply at the rate of 100g per Hectare

Dilution rate: 10g sachet/20litres knapsack

Mode of use:

  • This inhibition leads to the cessation of cell division and ultimately to the death of the targeted weeds.
  • Imazethapyr inhibits the acetolactate synthase (ALS) enzyme in susceptible plants, disrupting the synthesis of branched-chain amino acids essential for plant growth.
  • Apply to actively grow weeds that are in the 2-4 leaf stage.
  • For best results apply when the soil and weed are moist or at least 4 hours after rain
  • Ensure complete coverage of the field
  • Follow recommended dosage rate.


  • It is typically applied as a foliar spray to the target crop during the early post-emergence stage or after the crop has emerged.
  • It can also be applied as a pre-emergence treatment before weed emergence.
  • Proper application timing, rates, and techniques are crucial for effective weed control while minimizing crop injury.

Storage conditions: Store only in original packs in a dry place inaccessible to children, pets, and domestic animals.

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