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Rice Husk (100kg)

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Ric Husk can be used with other substrates to increase your substrate volume and reduce cost. Also to allow space for more oxygen in the root zone. Comes in a bag of 100kg.



Rice husk helps in building up soil organic matter (SOM) thus enhancing nutrient retention and water-holding capacity. It is readily available, affordable, sustainable, and ecologically sound. It is a local resource, natural and safe to soils, crops, humans, and animals. Indeed it is the return to organic farming.

This uniquely processed Rice Husk is a readily renewable resource requiring no mining or land disruption to produce. As so many growers have learned, it is a perfect replacement for perlite in the growing media – providing a less dusty mixing environment, lower basic cost and decomposition over time, while remaining stable during the typical plant production cycle.

  • Extremely lightweight and highly compressed when packaged, it generates less waste and reduces storage requirements, handling, and freight.
  • Its bulking properties produce optimum air-filled pore space, water-holding capacity, and drainage, while its natural color blends with other media components.
  • Uniquely processed to ensure pure, cleaned and subjected to a series of heat treatments that collectively sterilize the rice hulls and render any residual rice kernels, weed seeds, or disease pathogens non-viable.
  • Our Rice Husk offers environmental, horticultural, and economical advantages. Growers who rely on it gain sustainability, reduce input costs, and sacrifice nothing in terms of plant quality.
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