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Perlite (1L)

This horticultural grade Perlite growing medium and soil conditioner improves drainage and aeration and is ready to be mixed with compost.




Perlite is a naturally occurring, non-toxic volcanic rock.  It is heated to very high temperatures to produce a lightweight micro-porous material. Perlite is used in horticulture as a soil amendment. Because of its high permeability / low water retention, it helps to prevent soil compaction.

Perlite is ideal for root cuttings, potting on and container growing.

Will give a limited amount of frost protection to roots

Prevents compaction – improves aeration and drainage.

It does not decompose – lasts for years.

Stimulates root initiation and vigorous growth.

Almost neutral pH.

Holds moisture but does not become soggy.

It is free from disease, weeds, and insects


  • It is used wholly or partly in place of sand or grit in potting compost where it improves aeration, draining, and insulation, and also facilitates re-wetting. Perlite speeds up rooting and reduces the risk of damping off.  It provides an optimum balance of air and water –  makes water logging almost impossible
  • It improves the texture of heavy silt or clay soils by increasing aeration and drainage.
  • It improves aeration and drainage in compacted and poorly drained areas on old lawn and also helps the establishment of new grass. It will greatly assist the air-moisture balance and ensure better root development and grass (lawn) growth. Use a hollow tine spike all over the affected area, then spread a thin layer (2-5mm) of damp perlite pre-mixed with a suitable fertilizer. Rake or brush evenly, and water thoroughly. Note: a 100 litre bag of perlite will give on average a 2mm layer over 50 sq.m.
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