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Milking Machine (Mobile Type | Silicone Liner | Single Milking | Alternate Power System)

Plastic milk bucket made of polypropylene with a rubber lid is a practical and essential tool for dairy farmers. It helps ensure the cleanliness and quality of the milk collected during milking operations, contributing to the success and efficiency of the dairy operation.



Milking Machine (Mobile Type | Silicone Liner | Single Milking | Alternate Power System) is a milk bucket made of polypropylene, with a capacity of 30 liters and equipped with a rubber lid, is a common piece of equipment used in dairy farming for milking cows. Here are some features and uses of such a milk bucket.

Motor Power (kW) 0,55 kW
Rotation (rpm) 1450 rpm
Voltage (V) 220 V
Pump Type Dry
Flow (L / min) 180-200 L / min
Coal Type Graphite
Coal Size (mm) 80 x 43 x 4.9 mm
Tank Capacity (L) 18 L
Exhaust Dry

Churn Type Stainless
Bucket Capacity (L) 40 L
Liner Type Rubber
Claw Weight (gr) 2250 gr
Claw Milk Capacity 2 x 240 cc
Milk Hose (mm) 2 x 2250 mm (25 x 16 mm)
Pulse Hose (mm) 2 x 2000 mm (14 x 7 mm)

Chassis Type Electrostatic Powder Paint
Length (cm) 150 cm / 85 cm
Width (cm) 70 cm / 62 cm
Height (cm) 105 cm / 87 cm
Weight (kg) 60.1 kg / 63.8 kg

Easy to handle, compact and reliable solutions for quick and easy milking. Our Milking Trolleys are among the simplest automatic milking solutions: a wheel-supported chassis is equipped with a complete milking system.

You can choose among a wide range of configurations to find the best solution to fit your needs. MAIN FEATURES Suitable for large or small, pasture or stall rearing. Entirely designed and produced by us. High-quality and durable components Easy handling and cleaning. Available for cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

Weight 100 kg

Alternate Power System (Electricity or Petrol) Milking Machine, Single Bucket and Double Milking Machine, Single Bucket and Single Milking Machine

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