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Livestock Teeth Clipper (Manual Teeth Nipper for Piglets)



Livestock Teeth Clipper (Manual Teeth Nipper for Piglets)

  • Made of premium stainless steel material, anti-rust, non-toxic, easy to clean and durable. Non-toxic and sturdy, not easy to damage and can be used for a long time.
  • The handle is designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip and labour saving. Enjoying incisive blade and simple operation.
  • The pig tooth nipper is designed to cut the teeth of piglets to avoid fighting/biting each other. Pigs are prone to bite during the period of conservation and fattening, which seriously affects breeding.
  • The cutting tool should be disinfected to avoid cross-infection before use. If the piglet is weak after birth, the teeth will not be cut temporarily to strengthen its ability to compete for nipples. Cut the teeth again after 3-4 days.
  • The handle is designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip and labor savings. Enjoying incisive blade and simple operation.


The small tooth cutter is 10 cm long and weighs 48 g; the medium clipping is 12 cm long and weighs 63 g; the large plier has a length of 14 cm and a weight of 104 g. The three sizes of the cutting pliers are made of stainless steel for durability.


The teeth clipping edge of the tooth cutter is sharp and the teeth are fast.

The whole is made of stainless steel, and the life of the cutting piglet’s pliers is longer.

The forging process, is durable and reliable.

The piglet teeth clipping is easy to disinfect and safe.

Note: Every time you cut a piglet, you should disinfect the cutting pliers to avoid cross-infection. If the piglet is born with a weak constitution, then don’t cut teeth for a while, and then cut teeth over time.

Why do piglets need to cut their teeth?

After the piglets are born, they often fight each other for the sake of the sow’s nipples.

If the piglets are not cut, the pigs may have to go to each other during the battle.

Once infected and inflamed, they will affect their consumption.

Second, when the pig is competing for the nipple, the sharp teeth will bite the sow’s nipple, causing the sow to be sore and unwilling to breastfeed, which will affect the growth and development of the pig.

When the sow is in pain, it will often lie down and press on the piglet.

Therefore, when the piglet is born, it is best to cut the deciduous teeth to ensure the normal lactation of the sow and the healthy growth and development of the piglets.

This pig teeth clipping is excellent in quality and easy to use, making it a necessary tool for piglet cutting.

The pig teeth clipping tool works better with a pig grinding teeth machine.

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