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Groundnut Cake (GNC | 50kg)



Groundnut Cake GNC also known as peanut cake or groundnut meal, is a byproduct of the oil extraction process from peanuts (groundnuts). After pressing the peanuts to extract oil, the remaining residue is groundnut cake.

Here are some key Features of groundnut cake (GNC):

Groundnut cake is often valued for its cost-effectiveness compared to other protein sources like soybean meal.

Groundnut cake is a valuable source of protein, containing approximately 40% to 50% protein on a dry matter basis.

It contains significant levels of energy-rich nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats.

It is a good source of essential amino acids, minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium), and vitamins (such as vitamin E and some B vitamins).

Groundnut cake is commonly used as an ingredient in animal feed formulations, either as a primary protein source or as a supplement to other protein-rich ingredients like soybean meal or fish meal.

Groundnut Cake GNC is the by-product obtained after the extraction of oil from peanut seeds. It is a protein-rich ingredient that is widely used to feed all classes of livestock. Peanut meal is the sixth most common oil meal ingredient produced in the world after soybean meal, rapeseed meal, sunflower meal, cottonseed meal, and palm kernel meal.

Peanut meal is generally considered as an excellent feed ingredient due to its high protein content, low fibre, high oil (for expeller meal) and relative absence of antinutritional factors. It is often the default high protein source in regions where soybean meal is too expensive or not available. However, aflatoxin contamination remains a serious issue, particularly for peanut meal produced from seeds grown in smallholder systems.

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