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East West Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds – 5g



East West Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds is a fairly well-known variety. Its popularity can be easily attributed to the quality characteristics and versatility of cultivation. A hybrid of Canadian origin belongs to the mid-ripening period. Fruits are ready to harvest 110-115 days after germination.

Among the main characteristics that vegetable growers are interested in are yield, disease resistance, and exactingness to growing conditions. Tomato hybrid Larissa has the following parameters:

  • Productivity. If the variety is grown under a film cover, then from 1 sq. m, the output turns out to be 17-18 kg. In the open field from 1 sq. m collect 5-7 kg of delicious tomatoes Larissa.
  • Fruiting begins in mid or late July, depending on the climatic conditions of the region. Since the ripening of the fruits occurs in several stages, within a month the variety pleases the owners with its harvest. Each wave gives a good amount of tomatoes, therefore, with a good agricultural background in the open field, vegetable growers harvest up to 9 kg from 1 sq.m of landing area.
  • East West Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds is Resistance to cultural diseases. Variety Larisa resists VTB and Alternaria well.
  • Transportability. The strong skin of the fruit allows you to transport the crop over long distances without damage. At the same time, neither the presentation, nor the taste of the Larisa variety change at all.

In addition to the listed characteristics, the variety is resistant to temperature changes and shows excellent yields even in cool weather.

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