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Dust Proof Mixer (7.5kw, 2Ton/Hr)

Dust Proof Mixer” refers to a type of industrial mixer designed specifically to minimize dust emissions during the mixing process.



Dust Proof Mixer refers to a type of industrial mixer designed specifically to minimize dust emissions during the mixing process. These mixers are commonly used in industries where dust control is important, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and environmental applications.

Mixing is one of the second most important operations in the animal /poultry/ livestock feed pellet production line. This Dust Proof Mixer is an efficient and versatile feed mixer for mixing dry granules and powders. Mainly used to mix the feed ingredients with other micro-ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and other feed additives in the feed pellet making line.

It has characteristics of high efficiency, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance. And final product after mixing makes the pellet production process much easier.

How a Feed Mixer Work

  • The ingredients were put into the mixer at floor level and mixed by elevating the materials to the upper part of the mixer housing by vertical augers.
  • From the top of the auger tubes, the materials fell by gravity down to the bottom of the mixer where they were again picked up by the vertical augers and carried back to the top for another cycle.
  • Differences in ingredient densities, particle sizes and particle shapes caused the mixes to separate when falling from the top back to the bottom of the mixer. after repeat motion until the final product-feed mash is mixed well and discharged out of inlet.
  • Feed mixer can be used with the feed hammer mill to produce feeds for poultry or livestock with low cost and easy operation, and such group can be applied among 1 T/H feed pellet making line as crushing and mixing part.


  • Propeller blades are made of stainless steel, eliminating rust corrosion and easy to wash
  • The frame is solid and durable
  • Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steady operation
  • Low initial investment and maintenance cost
  • Mixing in a sealed tank, uniform mixing with no leakage definitely
  • Small power, large mixing capacity and fast speed to realize a uniform mixing in 10-15 minutes


Weight 333.3 kg

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