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Beginner Broiler Starter Kit for 1 Carton (50 Chicks)

Starter Kit Product Features

  • Carton of broiler (50 chicks)
  • Glucose
  • Anti coccidiosis
  • Multivitamin / Antibiotics
  • Gumboro Vaccine 200 dose
  • LaSota Vaccine 200 dose
  • 4 Feeders
  • 4 Drinkers
  • Comprehensive Guide



Beginner Broiler Starter Kit for 1 Carton: A production cycle for broilers takes 67 weeks on average. In these 7 weeks, the chickens are housed and fed with all essential nutrients, drugs, and vaccines to grow to their final weight in 5-to 6 weeks. After that, the house is cleaned and disinfected and prepared to receive new chicks.

Embark on a successful broiler farming venture with our curated Broiler Starter Kit, designed to cater to the specific needs of 50 chicks from day-old to the crucial 6-week stage. This comprehensive kit ensures not only their health but also optimal growth, laying the foundation for a thriving broiler flock.

Key Components of Beginner Broiler Starter Kit for 1 Carton:

  1. High-Quality Broiler Chicks (50):
    • Begin your journey with a robust batch of 50 healthy day-old broiler chicks known for their rapid growth and superior meat quality.
  2. Drinking and Feeding Equipment:
    • Drinkers (4): Easy-to-use drinkers designed to provide constant access to fresh water, promoting proper hydration.
    • Feeders (4): Well-designed feeders for efficient feeding, ensuring each chick gets the required nutrients without waste.
  3. Vaccines and Medications:
    • Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine (IB): Essential for preventing respiratory infections.
    • Newcastle Disease Vaccine (ND): Protects against a highly contagious poultry disease.
    • Coccidiostat Medication: Guards against common intestinal parasites in broilers.
  4. Educational Material (Ebook):
    • Comprehensive Guide: A detailed guide covering broiler care, feeding schedules, health monitoring, and best practices for successful broiler farming.


  • With the Beginner Broiler Starter Kit for 1 Carton, newcomers to broiler farming have everything they need to begin their journey into poultry production.
  • This comprehensive kit offers not only the essential equipment and feed but also valuable informational resources and support materials to ensure a smooth and successful start in raising healthy broilers.


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