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Brachiaria Grass Seed | 1kg

Brachiaria Grass Seed



Brachiaria Grass Seed is a vigorous-growing, warm-season pasture or forage grass adapted to the tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Brachiaria is especially attractive for beef and milk production operations.

Product Information

  • Application or Use:  Pasture, Cattle Forage, Hay Production, Livestock Forage
  • Germination Time: 7 – 14 days, under optimal conditions
  • Growing Locations: Warm Season & Transition Zone
  • Height: Up to 9 feet, under optimal conditions
  • Sunlight Requirements: 6+ hours, full sun for best results
  • Advantages: Vigorous growth and superior nutritive value compared to Bahia grass.

Product Features

  • More meat and milk for its nutritional quality
  • Higher animal load
  • Highly palatable
  • Adaptation to acidic soils
  • Resistant to diseases and pests (Spittlebugs)
  • Increased drought tolerance

Brachiaria Grass Seed Advantages

Great forage production capacity of excellent quality, with the best protein concentration and high digestibility in pastures of the Brachiaria genus. Vigorous regrowth to cut or grazing.

Management of high animal loads, with which the production of meat and milk per hectare increases significantly. More uniform forage production throughout the year.

Good adaptation to adverse conditions, as well as to different types of climate and soil of the humid, sub humid and dry tropics, which allows greater forage availability in critical times (dry and northern winds).

It brings the rusticity and tolerance to soils with a high concentration of aluminum inherited from Brachiaria decumbens, which is one of the ancestors of Mulato II. Being conditioned with high technology such as the pelletization process and the exclusive Speedygerm method, the seed of this mixture of perennial, stable and synergistic hybrid grasses, reaches optimum levels of quality (purity and germination). Resistance to pests and diseases (spittlebugs).

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