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Bee Keeping Gloves

Beekeeping gloves are an essential part of beekeeping safety gear, along with other protective equipment such as a beekeeping suit or jacket with a veil. Wearing gloves helps minimize the risk of bee stings and allows beekeepers to work confidently and safely around their hives.



Bee keeping gloves are an essential part of a beekeeper’s protective gear. They are designed to protect against bee stings while handling beehives and working with bees.


  • The soft-to-touch gloves are as tough as any animal hide, but allow flexibility and suppleness that make them ideal for working in your hive.
  • The gloves are specially designed to protect beekeepers’ hands and forearms while working with beehives and handling bees.
  • The gloves protect you from stings, scrapes, and scratches while allowing you to feel the honeybees under your fingers.
  • This way, you can avoid harming any of your bees while working.
  • Beekeeping gloves need to withstand the rigors of regular use, including exposure to bee stings, handling of hive equipment, and potential contact with sharp edges or rough surfaces.
  • High-quality materials and construction methods are essential to ensure the durability and longevity of beekeeping gloves.

Bee keeping gloves are made to ensure they provide adequate protection without being too loose or too tight.


  • Made from high-quality goatskin
  • Long heavy canvas upper glove to protect your arms
  • Elastic band on the upper glove to ensure a secure fit
  • Nylon vent to allow airflow
  • Mesh pad between nylon vent and skin for extra protection
Weight 2.5 kg

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