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Automatic Fowl Pox Vaccinator

A poultry automatic syringe, also known as an automatic poultry vaccinator or poultry vaccination syringe, is a device used in poultry farming for administering vaccines or medications to a large number of birds quickly and efficiently. These devices are designed to streamline the vaccination process, especially in commercial poultry operations where mass vaccination is necessary.



About Automatic Fowl Pox Vaccinator:

Automatic Fowl Pox Vaccinator has a Better auction and better absorption of the vaccine in the chicken. 5.0cc Capacity for more than 1000 shots.

It enables you to perform the Fowl Pox Vaccination in one shot by one man. It prevents hand scratches with maximum success. Exclusively available by ThaMa-Vet the 2 needle pox vaccinator was designed to replace the traditional and inconvenient method of vaccinating chickens with a more precise, cost-saving, and user-friendly process. The new syringe prevents hand scratches while delivering in a highly reliable, clean, safe, and efficient way.

  • Easiest, safest, cost-efficient pox syringe
  • Precise “eye-of-the-needle” delivery
  • Accurate delivery reduces disease, improves yields
  • 1-handed operation saves time, reduces manpower
  • Virtual elimination of painful hand scratches
  • Maximum operator comfort for extended usage
  • No waste vaccine wastage
Weight 12.5 kg

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