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Aqua Pro Fish Probiotics (100g x 50)

Probiotic promoter feed supplement specially formulated to improve fish growth and immunity. One unit contains 100g of Aqua-Pro.



Aqua Pro Fish Probiotics supplement specially formulated to improve fish growth and immunity.

  • Active in the irreversible binding of a wide range of pathogens e.g. E.coli, Salmonella, etc., in the fish gut with no opportunity for re-infection, thereby increasing overall fish quality and productivity.
  • It establishes desirable intestinal microbial balance, giving the beneficial bacteria an upper hand against the pathogenic bacteria.
  • Aqua Pro, creates a probiotic environment that promotes early intestinal maturity that leads to improved absorption of nutrients and consequently improved production.


  • Improves FCR and weight gain in all stages of fish growth.
  • Reduces diseases outbreaks and mortality in fish.
  • Improves growth performance and immune parameters in fish.
  • Decreases medication costs as the need for antibiotics as growth promoters is greatly reduced.

Recommended Inclusion Rate: 

100g per 10kg fish feed for hatchlings and fingerlings

100g per 50kg fish feed for juveniles

Packaging size: 100g

Storage: Below 250C, store in a cool dry place away from sunlight

Shelf life at 250C: 12 months

Weight 11 kg

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