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2 Tier Battery Cage (64-80 Layers)


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Ideal for sheds with low medium density thanks to its design, it ensures good light distribution amongst tiers and easy management. It is particularly suited for moderate climates and whenever a natural ventilation system is utilizable. Its versatility allows the use in high rise buildings or in shallow pit sheds with manure scrapers. It is equipped with rails proportionate to the number of tiers composing it to facilitate access to the cage. It allows inspection, without the need for additional devices.


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2 Tier Battery Cage The typical manure deflector allows the complete protection of lower tiers preventing the manure from falling into the cages and increasing hygienic standards and egg cleanness.

2 Tier Battery Cage In high rise buildings configuration, the cage can be complemented by further manure removing tier to better control the air movement, sending it directly onto the manure heaps underneath, or alternatively, it can be equipped with a manure belt for daily manure removal.

The simple installation required and lack of structural constraints makes it ideal for refurbishment of the existing house

   1.Automated controlled system;
   2.Hot galvanize d, anti-corrosive, long durability;
   3.High stock density, floor saving & cost-efficient;
   4.Easy maintenance and operation;
   5.Cost-efficient in feeding, drinking and save labour.
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