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1056 Egg-Capacity Automatic Incubator 500W (Electric Powered)



1056 Egg-Capacity Automatic Incubator 500W enhances hatchery operations for various species of birds and can easily be adjusted to adequately incubate the eggs of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks, and geese. Due to the capacity of this incubator, it requires a ventilation fan, excess heat fan, water, and air heating elements, and turning motors.

1056 Egg-Capacity Automatic Incubator 500W Characteristics

1) Exterior structure in colorful steel plate;

2) The edge is covered by aluminum alloy.

3) Fully automatic controlled by micro-computer and easy to operate.

4) Reliable control of temperature and humidity.

5) Scientific circulatory ventilation system.

6) Dual-purpose equipment of hatching and keep growing.

7) During the incubating process, this machine utilizes an automatic turning feature to turn the eggs at the appropriate time.


Using Your Egg Incubator

1. Put water into the tray before use, the water level must be higher than the heater

2. Put the eggs on the egg tray

3. Plug-in power

4.Temperature and humidity setting (Chicken eggs need 21days, first 18days Temperature is 38°C and Humidity is 60RH; the last 3days the temperature is the same and the humidity is 70RH

5. Factory setting: Reference temperature & humidity: 38°C& 60%RH

The cycle of Egg-turning: 90-minute

Time of Egg-turning: 180 seconds

Ventilation cycle: 120 minutes

Ventilation time: 30 seconds


Weight 400 kg

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