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Sweet Pepper-Gospel RZ F1 (Green/Red/Greenhouse)

Sweet Pepper-Gospel RZ F1 offers a combination of desirable traits, including sweet flavor, disease resistance, high yield potential, and adaptability, making it a popular choice for growers seeking quality sweet peppers for fresh consumption or processing.



Sweet Pepper-Gospel RZ F1 Product Description

Sweet Pepper-Gospel RZ F1 is likely bred to have strong and vigorous growth habits. It may feature sturdy stems and foliage that can support the weight of the fruit. The plant might exhibit determinate or indeterminate growth patterns, depending on the specific breeding objectives.

Fruit Characteristics:

  • The fruits are typically blocky or elongated in shape, with thick flesh and glossy skin
  • They often mature to vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, or even purple, depending on the specific cultivar.
  • The size of the fruit can vary, but they are generally medium to large-sized peppers.

Adaptability & Yield: 

  • They are often bred for high yields, ensuring a plentiful harvest for farmers and gardeners.
  • his increased productivity makes it an attractive option for commercial cultivation as well as home gardening.
  • It is likely bred to thrive in various growing conditions, including different climates and soil types.
  • It may be suitable for both field and greenhouse cultivation, providing flexibility for growers in different regions.

Average fruit weight: 190 g
Crop type: slightly denser, short crop
Comments: requires generative steering at the plant raisers, grows actively, sublime quality

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