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Vital Feed: Super Broiler Feed Starter (25kg)

Broiler super starter pellets are recommended for maximum weight gain, minimum feed conversion ratio, and the lowest possible production cost. This feed is available in a pelletized form, which allows the chicks to pick up the feed more quickly. The super starter feed is meticulously engineered for the chick’s safe growth and development of high immunity to combat any potential threats.



Features of the Super Starter broiler feed

  • For the chick’s healthy development in order to develop high immunity to potential stresses such as diseases, environment, and so on.
  • Produced as pellets, feed waste is reduced, digestibility is increased, and nutrient intake is constant.
  • Chicks need essential nutrients for growth.
  • Natural sources of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are included.
  • Feed consumption rate is higher, and disease occurrence is lower.
  • In comparison to other prices of chicken feeds, vital feed super broiler starter happens to be one of the most affordable out there.

Poultry feed

Unlike ruminant feeds, poultry diets are normally full, supplying all daily requirements except for water. These feeds aid in increasing production, whether it’s for eggs, meat, or rearing replacements. Broiler feed has a higher protein content, which helps the flock to grow larger and faster.


  • Pellets are perhaps the most popular form of chicken feed on the market. Pellets are tiny, lightweight cylinders of chicken feed, just like they look. Pellets have the advantage of maintaining their form, so they will not go to waste if the hens inadvertently knock their feeders over. Pellets are also more manageable, storable, and servable.
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