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Breedwell Chick Mash (25kg)

It is very vital for a chick to be fed a well balanced and high-density diet, from the point of hatchery till six weeks of age. Chick mash is also advised beyond 6 weeks in case the chick’s body weight is still lower than normal.



Breedwell Chick Mash feed contains a coccidiostat to manage exposure levels and control disease, enzymes to release phosphorus and carefully formulated raw materials for increased digestibility resulting in zero mortality, strong bone structure, faster growth rate and high feed conversion ratio.

Coccidiosis is a significant disease for chickens, especially affecting young chicks. It can be fatal or leave the bird with compromised digestion.

•    Breedwell Chick Mash should be used for chicks of 0 to 8 weeks of age.
•    Growers’ mash should be used for pullets up to 18 weeks of age.
•    Layers’ mash should be used for birds of 18 weeks to 76 weeks of age.


  • Fed to day-old chicks until they are 8weeks old!
  • Ensures proper frame setup and body tissues development!
  • Ensures early onset of lay (18weeks)
  • Early achievement of lay weight (1.5-1.65Kgs)
  • Early peak production…26weeks!
  • Control of feed borne diseases, e.g. coccidiosis

Each chick should consume 2kg in the 8 weeks… or in other words 35.71grams per day per chick

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