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Ridomil Gold Fungicide (Syngenta Brand) | 250g

RIDOMIL GOLD® MZ 68 WG is a leading fungicide for the control of important diseases caused by the Oomycete fungi



Ridomil Gold Fungicide controls soil and leaf diseases in several crops including vegetables, grapes, citrus, potatoes, ornamentals, tobacco, and cotton. RIDOMIL GOLD is a highly effective fungicide for the control of Oomycete fungi (including late blight and Downy mildew).

Active ingredient

Metalaxyl-M 40g/Kg
Mancozeb 640g/Kg

Target Diseases:

  • Ridomil Gold is effective against a broad spectrum of soil-borne fungal pathogens, including species of Phytophthora, Pythium, and other oomycetes.
  • It is commonly used to control diseases such as damping-off, root rot, crown rot, and late blight in various crops, including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, and turfgrass.

Wettable granules (WG)

Mode of action
Metalaxyl-M is a systemic fungicide that is rapidly taken up by the green plant part( within 30 min.) transported upwards in the sap stream and is distributed thus providing control of fungi from within the plant. Mancozeb provides a protective film over plant surfaces hence inhibiting germination of the spores.


  • Apply at 2.5 kg/ha in ornamentals & vegetables.
  • Application rates and timings of Ridomil Gold depend on factors such as the target crop, disease pressure, soil conditions, and local regulations.
  • It is essential to follow label instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding dosage, application intervals, and safety precautions.
  • Ridomil Gold is typically applied preventatively or at the first signs of disease development to maximize efficacy.
  • Regular monitoring of crops and early intervention are key strategies for effective disease management.

Ridomil Gold Fungicide Targets
Late blight and downy mildew diseases

Main crops
Potatoes, grapes, tobacco, vegetables, citrus, tomatoes, soybeans, turf and ornamentals


  • Healthy crops, increased yields, and high-quality harvests.
  • Excellent disease control under difficult conditions such as climate and disease pressure.
  • Longer period of disease control hence less applications thus saving cost.
  • Environment-friendly due to pure formulation since less product is used per unit area.
Weight 2.5 kg

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