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Mini Cereal/Rice Harvester

  • 2 stroke machine



Mini Cereal/Rice Harvester are compact agricultural machines designed specifically for harvesting cereal crops such as wheat, barley, oats, or rice on small to medium-sized farms

Mini Cereal/Rice Harvester is a high-performance product that is easy to operate, economical, and durable with low fuel consumption. It is used for harvesting rice, wheat, beans, and other high crops glucoside. Mini Cereal/Rice Harvester comes powered by CG430 Brushcutter with a capacity of 2.2hp and uses fuel and engine oil mixed.

Product Specification:

1.  The super wear-resistant alloy steel axle makes sure the power is transmitted more smoothly;

2.  The specially designed gear case ensures smooth operation;

3.  Super powerful engine makes sure of the effective working performance;

4.  100% new nylon material makes the plastic parts more solid and durable;

5.  The easy-starting system saves time and strength.

Rice, corn, wheat, and sugar cane harvester

Product Key Features:

Size and Mobility:
  • Mini harvesters are characterized by their smaller size and lighter weight, which allows for easier maneuverability in tight spaces and on uneven terrain.
  • They are often equipped with features such as narrow wheelbases or articulated steering to navigate through narrow rows or around obstacles.

Harvesting Mechanism:

  • These harvesters typically employ a cutting mechanism, such as a sickle bar or a cutter bar, to cut the cereal or rice crop at ground level.
  • The cut crop is then conveyed or fed into the threshing and separating mechanism for further processing.

Threshing and Separating:

  • After the crop is cut, it goes through a threshing and separating process to separate the grain from the straw or chaff.
  • Mini harvesters may utilize methods such as axial flow threshing or tangential flow threshing to separate the grain efficiently.

Grain Collection:

  • The harvested grain is collected and stored in an onboard grain tank or hopper.
  • Depending on the model, some mini harvesters may have a smaller grain tank capacity compared to larger combine harvesters, requiring more frequent unloading.
Weight 20 kg

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