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Insect Sticky/Glue Trap

Sticky cards are glue-based traps frequently used in pest control to catch and monitor insects and other pests

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Insect Sticky/Glue Traps are typically sheets or tubes covered in extremely sticky glue; the traps are traditionally meant to capture flying insects, like wasps or flies (when hung up high) or rodents (when placed on the ground). When an insect or animal is caught in this trap, its death is not quick or painless.

Will Insect Sticky/Glue Trap control pests?

Sticky traps are generally not very good at controlling small insects or mite pests.  Their best use is to detect pests and monitor changes in pest abundance.  When multiple traps are placed in a room, they can also help pinpoint the source of an insect problem.  Glue traps (see below) for control of vertebrate pests (e.g., mice or rats), however, can provide effective control when used by a knowledgeable pest control professional.

Where should the Insect Sticky/Glue Trap be placed?

Most insects and rodent pests prefer to travel in dark areas and along edges.  Hence the best placement of a sticky card is in an out-of-the-way location in direct contact with a wall.  The two open ends of the trap should run parallel to the wall to make it easy for insects to enter.

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