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Hybrid Dwarf Papaya Seedling

Hybrid with dwarf and strong plant and high setting ability. Uniform fruits (1-1.2kg) in shape and size. Fruit flesh is firm, thick, and has a very sweet taste (Brix: 12 – 14). intermediate resistance to Papaya ringspot virus.



Hybrid dwarf pawpaw is a long oval-shaped and red fruit type with a higher sweetener. It produces about 40 to 60 fruits per harvest with a maturity period of 6 to 8 months and lasts for 5 years as a tree, unlike the majority which lasts for only one to two years.

Planting Pawpaw

  • Prepare a planting site in full sun, sheltered from a prevailing breeze or wind.
  • Work well-rotted compost or manure into the soil.
  • Dig a hole half again as deep and twice as wide as the tree’s roots. Add a cupful of all-purpose fertilizer to the bottom of the hole.
  • Put a tree stake in place before planting. Drive the stake into the ground to the side of the hole to at least 2 feet deep. Papayas are shallow-rooted; they should be staked at planting time.
  • Set the plant in the hole so that the soil mark from the nursery pot on the stem is at the surface level as the surrounding soil. Spread the roots out in all directions.
  • Re-fill the hole with half native soil and half aged compost or commercial organic planting mix; firm in the soil so no air pockets among the roots. Water in the soil and create a modest soil basin around the trunk to hold water.
  • Secure the tree to the stake with tree ties.
  • After planting, water the tree thoroughly and fertilize with a high-phosphorus liquid starter fertilizer.

Nutrition Info: Good sources of Vitamin A & C, high in dietary fiber, potassium, carotenes

Health benefits and Uses: Protect colon cancer, its digestive enzymes cure sports injuries


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