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Hendrix Broiler Grower Pellets (25kg)

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We offer broiler grower pellets, which are designed to help growing broiler birds achieve higher growth rates, higher feed consumption rates, and lower disease incidences in the early stages of their lives.


  • Failure to have commercially prepared feeds is the most common cause of problems in poultry production.
  • The failure to use a fortified supplement in the proper quantities is the second most common issue.
  • Birds can suffer from poor feathering, slow development, leg problems, and other issues if they are not fed a nutritionally balanced ratio.
  • Our specially formulated feed is the best remedy for the nutritional issues plaguing the country’s broiler production (and beyond).

Facts about broiler grower pellets

The dietary requirements for broiler birds aged 3 to 5 weeks are known as grower feed. Because of the need for sufficient bodyweight accumulation, grower feed has a protein content of 16-18%. (carcass weight). As a result, it promotes the broilers’ continued growth while providing them with ongoing nutritional supplements to help them thrive during this fast-growing stage.

  • For rising birds, the Hendrix brand is specially formulated and specifically enriched with performance-enhancing additives.
  • Our product line is well-known for its high quality, hygienic packaging, and easy digestibility.
  • It has well-formulated proportions of both micro-ingredients and proteins.
  • It also improves the efficiency and long-term viability of growers with high peak performance and production.


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