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Drip Tape | 1500m (0.4mm; 40cm Spacing)

Drip tape irrigation is valued for its water efficiency, precision, and ability to improve crop quality and yields while minimizing environmental impact. It’s widely used in various agricultural settings around the world to support sustainable farming practices.

Driptape is an irrigation tool used to make irrigation easier and faster for farmers.



Drip Tape | 1500m is an irrigation method that uses thin-walled plastic tubing with evenly spaced emitters or drippers along its length. The “1500m” in your query likely refers to the length of the drip tape.

Here are some common uses and benefits of using drip tape:

  1. It delivers water directly to the root zone of plants, minimizing water wastage due to evaporation, runoff, or overspray. It provides targeted and precise irrigation, reducing water usage and promoting water conservation.
  2. Drip Tape is known for its water-saving capabilities. By delivering water directly to the plant’s root zone, it reduces water loss through evaporation and avoids wetting non-targeted areas, such as walkways or unplanted soil.
  3. Drip tape promotes healthy plant growth and prevents diseases caused by excessive soil moisture or drought stress by ensuring a controlled and consistent moisture supply to plants.
  4.  Proper irrigation with Drip Tape can improve crop yield and quality By providing water and nutrients directly to the root zone in an efficient and precise manner, plants can access the necessary resources for optimal growth and productivity.
  5. Drip Tape | 1500m is typically laid out along the rows of crops, either on the soil surface or buried slightly beneath the soil, depending on the specific requirements of the crops and soil type.
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