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Dizengoff Onion Sivan F1 Seeds | 25g

Sivan F1 is a hybrid that grows and matures uniformly. It has a high tolerance for Downey mildew and pink rot, but the most significant feature is its long shelf life (up to 5 months) without deterioration in consistency. It has a high yield, averaging 20-22 tons per hectare. Its scale ranges from modest to massive.



Dizengoff Onion Sivan F1 Seeds important factors to consider before getting into onion farming include:

Dizengoff Onion Sivan F1 Seeds

  • Crop varieties and adaptability
  • Target Market and market price
  • Soil health
  • Manure and fertilizer availability
  • Water availability and management (irrigation)
  • Production timing
  • Nursery establishment and management
  • The seedbed should be located in well-drained, friable soil with good water-holding capacity and high organic matter content.
  • Land should be prepared by thorough ploughings and harrowing.
  • Level and pulverize the soil to facilitate the formation of beds (1 meter wide and 15 cm high).
  • Before seed sowing, sterilize the beds by burning rice straw on top or by pouring boiling water to prevent pest and disease infestation.
  • Broadcast chicken manure or compost at the rate of 5kgs/Mcombined with DAP at 0.5Kg/M2.
  • Mix seeds with the same amount of sand. Fill the furrows evenly with the sand-seed mix.
  • Space 10-15 cm between rows and sow seeds evenly in a row at a depth of ½ inch.
  • Irrigation should be applied adequately in the field right after seed sowing.
  • Seeds will germinate at about 7-10 days after sowing
  • Seedlings are ready for transplanting in about 45 days (6-8 weeks) after sowing.
  • Two weeks before transplanting, reduce the shade to improve seedling survival rate in the field
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