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Chicken Defeathering Machine India | 5-6 Birds

This poultry plucker machine is great for plucking chickens, bantam chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, quail, and other similar sized birds including game birds for after the hunt. Will also pluck ducks and geese but keep in mind this is a chicken plucker and will not pluck a duck or goose clean due to the Downey feathers. Simply grab a garden hose, turn on the plucker, add a bird, spray water into the drum, and a few seconds later you will have a perfectly plucked bird, ready for further processing and packaging. Will pluck up to Six 2.3kg chickens at a time, but we always recommend plucking one at a time so you are not over bruising your meat.



Chicken Defeathering Machine India also known as poultry pluckers or feather removal machines, are commonly used in poultry processing facilities to automate the labor-intensive task of removing feathers from slaughtered chickens.

These machines streamline the de-feathering process, saving time and labor while maintaining hygiene standards.


Chicken Plucker Using Method
1. Scald the poultry after slaughtering in hot water of 65-80 degrees.
2. Then turn on the machine, and put the scalded poultry into the machine.
3. After 10 seconds of working, turn on the tap, and wash away the removed feather, then take out the poultry.
4. The whole process of processing chicken is about half a minute.

Chicken Plucker Attention
1. Equip a leakage switch on the ground line.
2. Turn on the switch, and check if the machine running normally before using it.
3. Wash the tube completely after using.
4. After a long time using it, please change the robber stick when they are worn or broken. To ensure working efficiency.
5. Clean the black dies with water and dry it after using it to prolong the machine’s lifespan.
6. Keep it out of reach of children.

Chicken Defeathering Machine India Operation and Maintenance:

  • Chicken de-feathering machines require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.
  • This includes cleaning the machine after each use to remove feathers, blood, and debris.
  • Lubrication of moving parts and periodic inspection for wear and damage are also essential to prevent breakdowns and ensure the longevity of the equipment.
  • Operators should receive proper training on the safe and efficient operation of the machine to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.
Weight 50 kg

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