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Baba 70 Cassava Stem Variety | 50 pieces in a pack

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Baba 70 cassava stem variety might be a variety more commonly known through local farmer networks rather than formal agricultural research institutes. It exemplifies the valuable contributions of traditional and locally developed varieties to agricultural biodiversity and food security.



The Baba 70 cassava stem variety is a notable breed in the realm of cassava cultivation. Originating from Nigeria, it is known for its resilience, high yield, and adaptability to various growing conditions. Here’s a detailed overview of the Baba 70 cassava variety:

Baba 70 Cassava Stem Variety:

  1. Characteristics:
    • Quantity: 50 pieces in a pack
    • Length: 20 cm
    • Yield: Baba 70 is recognized for its high yield potential, often producing around 20-30 tons per hectare under optimal conditions.
    • Maturity: This variety matures relatively early, typically ready for harvest within 10-12 months.
    • Resistance: It shows good resistance to common diseases such as Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) and Cassava Bacterial Blight (CBB), making it a reliable choice for farmers.
    • Root Shape and Size: The roots are generally large, cylindrical, and uniform, which is advantageous for both fresh consumption and processing.
    • Starch Content: It has a moderate to high starch content, making it suitable for both fresh consumption and industrial uses.
  2. Adaptability:
    • Climate and Soil: Baba 70 is known for its adaptability to a range of climatic conditions and soil types. It performs well in the varied agro-ecological zones of Nigeria, including areas with moderate drought conditions.
    • Farming Practices: It can be grown with conventional farming practices and does not require extensive inputs, which makes it accessible to smallholder farmers.
  3. Uses:
    • Fresh Consumption: Due to its large and uniform roots, Baba 70 is popular for fresh consumption in households.
    • Industrial Processing: Its high yield and starch content make it suitable for processing into various products like cassava flour, starch, and other derivative products.
  4. Advantages:
    • High Yield: Farmers favor Baba 70 for its ability to produce high yields, contributing to food security and income generation.
    • Disease Resistance: Its resistance to major cassava diseases reduces the need for chemical treatments and minimizes crop loss.
    • Early Maturity: The relatively short maturity period allows for quicker harvests and the possibility of multiple cropping cycles per year.
    • Versatility: Its adaptability to different soils and climates makes it a reliable choice for diverse agricultural settings.

Recommendations for Farmers:

  • Site Selection: Choose well-drained soil and ensure the site receives adequate sunlight. Baba 70 is adaptable but performs best in fertile soils.
  • Planting: Use healthy stem cuttings and plant at the onset of the rainy season to maximize growth and yield potential.
  • Disease Management: While resistant, regular monitoring for signs of diseases is advisable to maintain healthy crops.
  • Harvesting: Plan to harvest within 10-12 months to take advantage of its early maturity and maintain root quality.
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