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Stihl SR 420 Powerful Mist Blower

The Stihl SR 420 Powerful Mist Blower is a powerful and reliable tool for the efficient application of agricultural chemicals and landscape maintenance. Its high-performance engine, adjustable spray capabilities, and ergonomic design make it a top choice for professionals and serious gardeners.

Proper operation and regular maintenance will ensure the mist blower provides many years of effective service, helping to maintain healthy crops and beautiful landscapes.



Stihl SR 420 Powerful Mist Blower is a high-performance, versatile tool designed for both agricultural and landscaping tasks. It is ideal for applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, as well as for general landscape maintenance. The SR 420 is renowned for its powerful engine, efficient misting capabilities, and user-friendly design, making it a preferred choice for professionals and serious gardeners alike.

Key Features of Stihl SR 420 Powerful Mist Blower:

  1. Powerful Engine:
    • Equipped with a robust 2-stroke engine that delivers high power, ensuring effective and efficient application of liquids over large areas.
  2. High Blowing Force:
    • Generates a powerful air stream, allowing for the effective dispersion of mist over long distances and large areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  3. Adjustable Spray Nozzle:
    • Features an adjustable nozzle that allows the operator to control the spray pattern and droplet size, making it versatile for different applications and conditions.
  4. Ergonomic Design:
    • Designed with user comfort in mind, the SR 420 includes padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic backrest, reducing operator fatigue during extended use.
  5. Large Tank Capacity:
    • The unit is equipped with a large chemical tank, minimizing the need for frequent refills and increasing productivity.
  6. Easy Start System:
    • Incorporates an easy start system that reduces the effort required to start the engine, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
  7. Multifunction Control Handle:
    • All essential controls are conveniently located on one handle, allowing for easy operation and improved user control.

Technical Specifications:

  • Engine Type: 2-stroke, air-cooled
  • Engine Power: Approximately 3.5 horsepower (2.6 kW)
  • Displacement: 56.5 cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: About 1.5 liters (1500 ml)
  • Chemical Tank Capacity: Approximately 13 liters (13,000 ml)
  • Air Velocity: Up to 90 m/s (meters per second)
  • Weight: Approximately 11 kg (24.3 lbs) without fuel and chemical

Usage Instructions:

  1. Pre-Operation Check:
    • Inspect the mist blower for any visible damage or wear.
    • Check the fuel and chemical levels, ensuring they are filled with the appropriate mixtures.
    • Verify that the spray nozzle and hose are securely attached and in good condition.
  2. Starting the Mist Blower:
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for starting the engine, which typically involves setting the choke, priming the fuel, and pulling the starter cord.
    • Allow the engine to warm up before beginning the application process.
  3. Operating the Mist Blower:
    • Secure the mist blower on your back using the padded shoulder straps and adjust for a comfortable fit.
    • Select the desired spray pattern and droplet size using the adjustable nozzle.
    • Engage the throttle and begin applying the mist, moving steadily to ensure even coverage of the target area.
  4. Post-Operation:
    • Turn off the engine and allow it to cool.
    • Clean the mist blower, removing any residual chemicals from the tank and spray components.
    • Inspect for any signs of wear or damage and address as needed.

Maintenance Tips:

  • Regular Cleaning:
    • Clean the air filter regularly to ensure optimal engine performance.
    • Flush the chemical tank and spray components with clean water after each use to prevent clogging and corrosion.
  • Engine Maintenance:
    • Check and change the oil as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain engine efficiency.
    • Inspect the spark plug periodically and replace it if necessary.
  • Fuel System Care:
    • Use fresh fuel and the correct oil mix to prevent engine problems.
    • Drain the fuel tank before storing the mist blower for an extended period.
  • Check Fasteners:
    • Regularly check all nuts, bolts, and screws for tightness to ensure the machine remains secure during operation.

Safety Precautions:

  • Wear Protective Gear:
    • Always wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, and a mask to protect against chemical exposure.
  • Clear Working Area:
    • Ensure the area to be treated is clear of bystanders, pets, and obstacles that could cause injury or damage.
  • Safe Handling:
    • Be cautious when handling chemicals and avoid spills, especially on hot engine parts.
    • Keep hands and feet away from the air intake and spray nozzle during operation.

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