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Professional Bee Suit

The Professional Bee Suit is worn over clothing to protect wearers against various stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, and more. The Professional Bee Suit comes with gloves and a hard straw pith helmet.

When to Use

The Suit can be worn when harvesting honey, removing hives from building structures, tending to honey bee hive boxes, during pest control projects, and anytime when stinging insects may be in the area.

The Suit is ideal for farmers, professional beekeepers, pest control technicians, and DIY homeowners.



Professional Bee Suit is a one-piece suit that will help protect wearers from stinging insects. This personal protective equipment (PPE) comes with a box-shaped veil that allows maximum vision and face protection.

The  Suit comes with durable leather gloves that fit over the forearms and a hard straw helmet. The suit has a zipper around the neck to hold the veil in place and elastic to secure the areas around the wrists and ankles.

When removing unwanted bee and wasp hives, tending to honey bee boxes, or extracting honey, the Professional Bee Suit will help provide ultimate protection. \

Tools Needed

Tools are not needed for the Suit. The suit does not come with boots.

How to Use

  • Step 1: To ensure protection against bees while wearing the suit, put the hat on first.
  • Step 2: Step into the bee suit and make sure the veil is secured with the zipper and pull the hole on top of the veil over the hat.
  • Step 3: Put the gloves on and pull the gloves all the way up over the forearms.
  • Step 4: Double-check and make sure the suit and veil do not have any holes or rips before use.

Where to Use

The Suit is ideal to wear on job sites that include extracting bees, harvesting honey, and treating other areas with pesticides to eliminate harmful stinging or biting pests.

Safety Information

Always follow the directions when caring for the Professional Bee Suit and check it before each use to make sure there are no holes or rips.

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