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MiaDiasan Advanced

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MiaDiasan Advanced is an innovative combination of plant extracts and a unique probiotic for poultry and pigs as growth promoters and immune boosters. It is a well-proven feed additive with outstanding effects on livestock health and performance. Its carefully selected and balanced ingredients have synergistic effects on gut health and intestinal integrity (oreganum, essential oils) and will enhance overall performance to help the animal withstand gut-related infections like coccidiosis.

MiaDiasan Advanced is a quick response solution, rapidly effective in cases of wet litter due to its astringent property.


  • Plant extract
  • Hydrolysable Tannins
  • Oreganum
  • Probiotic
  • Bacillus substillis, Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Essential oil
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Calcium carbonate


  • Administration: Guide the proper administration of MiaDiasan to animals, including dosage recommendations, application methods (e.g., mixing with feed or water), and treatment duration.
  • Compatibility: Address the compatibility of MiaDiasan with different animal species, age groups, and production systems. Highlight its versatility and suitability for use in various farming settings.

Benefits of using MiaDiasan Advanced:

The plant extract and Diatomaceous earth in MiaDiasan confers the following

  • Anti-microbial: MiaDiasan exerts directed action on pathogens like E.coli, Salmonella, and Clostridium perfringens.
  • Excellent nutrient absorption: MiaDiasan protects the mucosa, and lowers the rate of peristaltic movement of ingesta in the GIT to achieve maximum nutrient absorption.
  • Reduces the incidence of pododermatitis (foot pad dermatitis) which usually results from wet litter, especially in broilers.
  • Improves gut integrity by protecting and coating the Intestinal walls
  • Astringent effect: Through astringent effect (Precipitation of tannin/protein complex), it reduces the absorption of contaminants, and confers dry friable droppings and fecal texture hence eliminating ammonia load on the farm.
  • Ensures efficient water regulation and absorption in the GIT with a resultant antidiarrheic effect.
  • Guarantees better protein absorption and nutrient utilization.

MiaDiasan contains Oreganum and Essential Oils

  • Anthelmintic property: MiaDiasan is a natural dewormer that effectively eliminates parasites within the GIT.
  • Excellent for reaching target weight in due time.
  • MiaDiasan is a natural growth promoter with a positive effect on body weight gain.
  • Improves feed intake, feed utilization, and feed conversion ratio.
  • Effectively boosts productive performance (egg production).
  • Significantly reduces disease incidence and economic losses.
  • MiaDiasan improves the intestinal microbiota and ileal villus height.
  • A natural alternative to antibiotics and drugs due to the absence of side effects and residues. Extremely beneficial in the management of coccidiosis.
  • Strengthens the immune systems of poultry and livestock.

Benefits of Using MiaDiasan In Livestock Feeds

  • Best Performance
  • Balanced intestinal flora
  • For dry litter

MiaDiasan is a real performance and health booster that reduces the need for antibiotic treatment, lowers mortality, and improves good health in flocks which translates to higher overall profit.

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