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Melon – Egusi Peeling Machine (Fuel)

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It can peel 15-20 bags of Melon/Egusi daily. This machine shells or strips melon i.e Egusi of its shell. It’s easy to use by flipping the switch or start the engine. It is fabricated on request with a delivery period of two weeks.




In order to solve the boredom involved in melon shelling operation which is one of the major factors militating against the large scale production, processing and the use of this important oil crop, a power-driven melon seed shelling machine was designed, constructed, tested and trusted.
This machine shells, strips or peels melon (Egusi) of its shell. It can shell 15 to 20 bags depending on your daily operational routines. It’s easy to use by flipping the switch.
The machine consists of a feed hopper, a shelling unit, a delivery chute, a power system and a tool frame. The shelling action was achieved by principle of a rotor that throws melon seeds against the shelling drum by centrifugal force and then the seeds were converged onto a spinning disc with vanes that provide impact force to remove the kernel from the shell.
Advantages of Egusi Shelling Machine 
It mainly includes cleaning, shelling, peeling, screening, and circulating shelling systems.
The egusi sheller has the advantages of reasonable structure, small occupied space, large productivity, low breaking rate(less than 3%), high depacking rate, high whole kernel rate(more than 95%), simple operation and maintenance, and the like.
Weight50 kg

Electric, Fuel

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