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Magic Force Insecticide | 1L

Magic Force Insecticide 1L is a potent solution for combating insect pests, offering a substantial quantity for treating infested areas.

Its formulation, active ingredients, mode of action, and application instructions are tailored to provide effective pest control while promoting safety and environmental responsibility.



Magic Force Insecticide The Magic Force Insecticide is a systemic contact and stomach agricultural insecticide used to kill mites and insects systemically and on contact. It is used against a wide range of insects, including aphids, thrips, planthoppers, armyworms, etc.

is a product designed to combat insect infestations effectively.

It is specifically formulated to target and eradicate various types of insects that pose a threat to plants, crops, or human health.

Key Features of Magic Force Insecticide;

Formulation and Active Ingredients:

  • The specific formulation and active ingredients of “Magic Force Insecticide” would be listed on the product label or accompanying literature.
  • These ingredients are carefully selected based on their efficacy against target insects while minimizing harm to non-target organisms and the environment.
  • The formulation may include synthetic chemicals or natural compounds with insecticidal properties.

Mode of Action:

  • This involves contact action, where the insecticide kills insects upon direct contact.
  • It acts through systemic action, where the insecticide is absorbed by plants and ingested by insects feeding on treated foliage.
  • Understanding the mode of action helps users apply the product effectively for optimal results.

Application Instructions:

  • Proper application is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of Magic Force while ensuring safety for users and the environment.
  • The product label or accompanying instructions provide guidelines on dosage, dilution rates, application methods, safety precautions, and reapplication intervals.
  • Following these instructions helps prevent overuse, minimize environmental impact, and achieve the desired pest control outcomes.


  • It is an effective insecticide used to control pests in plants such as fruit trees, vegetables, soya beans, groundnut, cowpeas, cotton, cocoa, etc.
  • It  comes in a convenient, single pack.
  • It is effective against several insect pests (both chewing and sucking types).
  • It is a highly effective insecticide specially made for controlling a broad spectrum of insect pests.
  • Quick knockdown as well as excellent control on even hard-to-kill pests.
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