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Gawal R1 Foundation seed | 25kg

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The Gawal R1 Foundation Seed is a high-quality, certified foundation seed used in various agricultural practices to ensure the production of healthy and high-yielding crops.

Overview of Gawal R1 Foundation Seed

Purpose and Use:

    • Foundation Seed: Foundation seeds are the progeny of breeder seeds and are used to produce registered or certified seeds. They maintain genetic purity and are the primary source of planting material for further seed production.
    • Crop Types: Gawal R1 Foundation Seed can be available for various crops, including cereals (like maize and rice), legumes (like soybeans and beans), and other staple crops.


    • They ensure high genetic purity, which is crucial for maintaining the quality and performance of the subsequent seed generations.
    • These seeds are typically treated and tested to be free from major diseases and pests, ensuring healthy crop growth.
    • Plants grown from foundation seeds exhibit uniform growth, maturity, and yield characteristics, making them predictable and reliable for farmers.

Production and Certification:

    • Strict Production Standards: The production of foundation seeds involves rigorous isolation, roguing (removal of off-types), and field inspections to maintain genetic purity and quality.
    • Certification: Gawal R1 Foundation Seed is certified by relevant agricultural authorities to ensure it meets the standards required for foundation seed. Certification typically involves testing for genetic purity, germination rate, and disease freedom.

Advantages for Farmers:

    • High Yield Potential: Using foundation seeds like Gawal R1 can lead to higher yields due to their genetic quality and purity.
    • Improved Crop Quality: Crops grown from foundation seeds are generally of higher quality, with better resistance to diseases and pests.
    • Economic Benefits: The initial investment in high-quality foundation seeds can lead to better crop performance and higher economic returns.
    • Sustainability: Foundation seeds contribute to sustainable agricultural practices by ensuring the continuous production of high-quality seeds for future planting.

Best Practices for Using Gawal R1 Foundation Seed:

    • Site Selection: Choose well-prepared, fertile soil with adequate drainage and suitable pH levels for the specific crop.
    • Planting Time: Plant the seeds at the recommended time for your region to ensure optimal growth conditions.
    • Seed Handling: Handle seeds carefully to avoid damage and store them in a cool, dry place until planting.
    • Crop Management: Follow recommended agronomic practices, including proper spacing, fertilization, irrigation, and pest management.
    • Monitoring: Regularly monitor crops for any signs of disease or pest infestations and take appropriate measures to control them.
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