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Feed Grade L-Methionine – 25kg



Feed Grade L-Methionine is an essential amino acid used in animal nutrition, particularly in the formulation of feeds for poultry, swine, and aquaculture.

As an essential amino acid, methionine cannot be synthesized by animals and must be provided in their diet. Here are some key Features of feed-grade L-methionine:

  • It serves as the starting amino acid in the synthesis of proteins and peptides, contributing to the growth, development, and maintenance of tissues in animals.
  • Methionine also serves as a methyl donor in various biochemical reactions, including the methylation of DNA, RNA, proteins, and other molecules.
  • Methionine is one of the few amino acids that contain sulfur, making it an important source of sulfur in animal diets.
  • Methionine is often used in conjunction with other essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to formulate balanced diets that meet the nutritional needs of animals.

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that is very important for animals. It is the 1st limiting amino acid in poultry and aqua feed, and the 2nd limiting amino acid in swine feed. (The order of limiting amino acids can differ depending on the environment or feed ingredients.)


L-Methionine not only serves as a constituent of skeletal muscle protein but also optimizes the development of digestive tract and growth performance.

Physiological function of L-methionine includes antioxidant effect, heat stress reduction, fatty liver inhibition and liver detoxification because of the metabolic products like glutathione.

It has a function of optimizing muscle mass, feather development and maintaining egg production in animals.

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