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Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Dog

Using a Pregnancy Detector can provide early confirmation of pregnancy in dogs, allowing breeders to make timely decisions regarding breeding programs, care for the pregnant dog, and preparations for the upcoming litter.

Draminski Pregnancy Detector is a valuable tool for dog breeders and veterinarians, offering a non-invasive and reliable method for pregnancy diagnosis in dogs.



Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Dogs is ideally suited to test dog pregnancy for individual breeders, large breeding & show kennels, veterinary surgeries, and commercial organizations alike. It is designed to be easy to use, and maintain, and provide rapid results with maximum accuracy.


  • high accuracy,
  • easy gain adjustment to the animal size,
  • early pregnancy diagnosis allows proper care for pregnant bitch,
  • rapid diagnosis reduces expenses,
  • early, precise diagnosis supports correct reproduction decisions.


The detector determines pregnancy by locating amniotic fluid in the uterus. It uses the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave reflection. When pressed to the animal’s skin, the probe sends an ultrasound beam which is reflected from the uterine horn filled with fluid and returns to the probe, causing a change of signal generated by the device. Examination at an optimum time helps to make an appropriate diagnosis. Repeating the test for several consecutive days makes a diagnosis more reliable.

Draminski Pregnancy Detector for Dogs utilizes ultrasound technology to detect changes in the reproductive tract of the female dog and the device displays real-time images of the reproductive organs on a screen.



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