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Cabrio Duo (Fungicide | BASF Brand | 1L)

Cabrio is your ultimate solution for the control of coffee berry disease with the AgCelence effect which translates to increased yield and quality.




  • Cabrio gives the AgCelence effect which translates to more yield per bush
  • Excellent control of Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) meaning more yield
  • Prevents premature ripening leading to uniform ripening of berries therefore ease of harvesting
  • Increases the quality of the berries leading to premium coffee hence more money to the farmer
  • Minimizes berry drop leading to high yields

Mode of Action

Quinone outside Inhibitor: Cabrio Duo contains pyraclostrobin which belong to strobilurin class. Pyraclostrobin blocks the electron transport at the cytochrome bc1 complex by Inhibiting the mitochondrial respiration and disrupting the fungal energy supply

Safety Precaution

Use personal protective clothing. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, and clothing. Do not breathe vapor/spray. Ensure thorough ventilation of stores and work areas. When using do not eat, drink or smoke. Hands and/or faces should be washed before breaks and at the end of the shift.


Ensure thorough ventilation of stores and work areas. Vapours may form an ignitable mixture with air.
Prevent electrostatic charge – sources of ignition should be kept well clear – fire extinguishers should be kept handy. Segregate from foods and animal feeds. Keep away from heat. Protect from direct sunlight.
Protect against moisture. Store protected against freezing.
Protect from temperatures below: 0 °C. The packed product must be protected from temperatures below the indicated one.
Protect from temperatures above: 40 °C. Changes in the properties of the product may occur if
the substance/product is stored above indicated temperature for extended periods of time.
Weight 1.2 kg

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