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Agrovert Potasse Foliar Fertilizer 1kg

Agrovert Potasse foliar fertilizer offers a convenient and effective solution for addressing potassium deficiencies and promoting healthy, productive crops.



Agrovert Potasse Foliar Fertilizer is a foliar fertilizer designed to provide potassium (K) to plants through leaf absorption.

Here’s a detailed overview of Agrovert Potasse foliar fertilizer:

Active ingredient (s):

  • Potassium Oxide
  • Potassium is one of the three primary macronutrients essential for plant growth.
  • It plays a critical role in various physiological processes, contributing to overall plant health, yield, and quality.


  • Agrovert Potasse contains a high concentration of potassium (K), typically in the form of potassium sulfate (K2SO4) or potassium nitrate (KNO3).

Agrovert Potasse Foliar Fertilizer Application:

  • Foliar fertilization involves applying nutrients directly to the leaves of plants, where they can be absorbed and utilized rapidly.
  • This method is particularly effective when plants have limited access to nutrients in the soil or when there is a specific need for quick correction of nutrient deficiencies.
  • Agrovert Potasse is formulated for foliar application, allowing for efficient uptake of potassium by plant leaves.
  • It can be applied during critical growth stages or periods of high demand to support plant health and productivity.

Application Guidelines:

  • The application rate and frequency of Agrovert Potasse depend on factors such as crop type, growth stage, soil conditions, and nutrient requirements.
  • It’s essential to follow manufacturer recommendations and consult with agricultural experts or agronomists to develop an appropriate fertilization plan tailored to specific crops and growing conditions.


  • Agrovert Potasse may be compatible with other foliar fertilizers, pesticides, or adjuvants commonly used in agricultural practices.
  • compatibility testing is recommended before tank mixing to avoid adverse effects on product performance or crop safety.

Dose per hectare: 1kg / ha

Dose per application: 50g per backpack sprayer 100g per atomizer

Crops: vegetable and fruit crops

Method of application of the product: Foliar spray and directed on the fruits

Frequency of use: application once or twice a month

Weight 4 kg

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