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Furadan 3G – 1kg

  • Furadan is a contact, stomach & systemic, broad spectrum Insecticide.
  • Furadan works excellent on wide variety of pests (Foilar pest, soil pest and nematode).
  • Encapsulated formulation of Furadan provides longer duration control and better safety in handling as it is dust free.
  • Furadan is registered on more than 25 crops.



Furadan 3G is a Contact and Systemic Insecticide/ Nematicide for the crops/insect pests specified in the Directions for use.

Directions for use:

Crops Pests Prod/ha kg
Corn Borer, earworm, grubs, seedlings, maggots 16.7-33.33
Rice Stemborer, whorl, maggot, leafhopper, leaf folder, caseworm, planthopper 16.7-33.33
Sugarcane Borer, grubs, leafhopper, mealybug, scale insects 33.3-66.7
Eggplant Fruitborer 16.7-33.3
Field Legumes Grubs 16.7-33.3
Tobacco Nematodes, budworms 16.7-33.3
Soybeans Beanfly, grubs, nematodes, other soil insects 16.7-33.3
Cowpea Beanfly, grubs, nematodes, other, soil insects 16.7-33.3
Ornamentals Scale insects, aphids,mealybugs 16.7-33.3
White Potato Nematodes 16.7-33.3
Cotton Nematodes, grubs 16.7-33.3


Compatibility: Do not use propanil within 21 days of applying Furadan 3G.

Frequency and Method of Application:


a) Basal or broadcast application before planting at 16.7- 33.3kg/ha

b) Whorl application at 16.7 kg/ha or 0.24 to 0.26 gram/ whorl-plant using shaker bottle at 30-35 days after emergence. (

Sugarcane: Basal or broadcast application as needed at 33.3 to 66.7 kg/ha but not within 28 days before harvest.

Rice & Other Crops: Basal or broadcast application as needed at 16.7 to 33.3 kg/ha but not within 28 days before harvest.

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